Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets: Magic Fragrances


How do you think why Cleopatra chose just milk and honey as the basis of her beauty secrets? A fragrance is one more component of her female appeal. In esoteric beliefs the scent of honey meant the scent of nature. It's naturally sweet. A child, youth, and juvenility smell of milk. That's why milk and honey, in the philosophy of belief, meant the combination of natural sweetness and youth, literally ‘a young sweet woman'. It is no accident that both Caesar and Marcus Antonius couldn't resist Cleopatra's charm of her deeply subconscious natural beauty.

In addition to these scents, Cleopatra liked labdanum and myrrh. These mysterious and magnetic odors calmed her men down who were strong but hot-tempered and ready to give short shrift. Probably, beauty of Cleopatra made men feel good beside her while they had a rest in comfort and enjoyed bliss. Beauty is the real power, isn't it?