Sises Rethimno
Cistus Creticus
In Sises exist big regions, where they flourish exclusively Cistus Creticus. ONLY THOSE THAT HAVE MAUVE flowers, produce labdanum. This regions are named labdanum place.

In the dues of roughly May each year, as soon as it begins that is to say the heat of summertime, Cistus Creticus are ready in order to begins the meditation labdanum. In order to we collect the labdanum from plant, we use a ladanesterio, a manufacture by timber that above we have tied up her plastic leads. Striking these leads on t o plant, plastic gathers the “sweat of” seces. This sweat when congeal and it becomes black.

In order to it is gathered labdanum it should it makes heat and it has sunlight. When it is gathered labdanum by a plant, is needed one-one-two days in order to introduce the characteristic sweat, that is to say the liquid of Cistus Creticus that is become labdanum. The work of meditation labdanum is very tedious and laborious, because labdanum men it should it goes up and down in the mountains in the heat and in very big temperature.

After finish the meditation labdanum and the light blue leads of a ladanesterio, they have blackened, that is to say the sweat of Cistus Creticus it has congeal then it should we take from the leads labdanum. Consequently we leave ladanesterio, enough hour under the sun in order to become soft the black pastry that is found on the leads.

The last stage of meditation labdanum is we take him above the ladanesterio. With the labdanum men we tighten lead and pulling, we gather labdanum. When it passes few hour the material that we gather, it becomes In order to we clean strap of ladanesterio and we gather labdanum, we use labdanum men. Labdanum men usually is combination from two locks.