The collection labdnum is really difficult work.

The collection labdnum, with the old ancient way, is really difficult work. It becomes under boiling hot helium of summertime.

Nevertheless many times over participate also women.


Period of collection: MAY - AUGUST

Conditions of collection: sunlight with temperature above 30 C and it prevails stillness.

The microclimate of region of village Sises Rethimno is the mainer reason that prevails still this way in this point from the all world.


Tool of the ladanum or labdanum (ladanesterion).

In past.

1.Tool 1700 just as Joseph Pitton de Tournefort
The tool was constituted by leather leads by the season of Pedanios Dioskurides 1 century AC. and in order that describes the French botanist in his travel in Crete in 1700.

Today. With labdanum.

2.Tool today .
Today they have been replaced with plastic.

Weight : 2-4 Kgr.