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With the historical reports likely existed three regions where they were collected the laudanum.
Cistus with pink flower ONLY!  

A)Northern Africa.

      i).  Ancient Mesopotamia.
  1. the word "labdanum".
  2. Akkadian Empire 
      ii)Ancient Egyptian
    1. Laudanum: the beginning of one from bigger culture of Ancient World. "Ancient Egyptian"
    2. Ancient Egypt 
    3. Crook and flail 
    4. Farm of labdanum 
    5. Crook today Flail today
    6. University of Chicago
    7. Cleopatra

    B). Gilead
              1.Myrrh of Bible.
                 i.Myrrh in the Old Testament.
                ii.Myrrh of Bible.
                iii Myrrh in Bible part2
                iv.One of the three gifts the Magi. 
                v. Lot

              2.Balm of Gilead .
                 i.Balm of Gilead

                 i.ONYCHA - LABDANUM
                ii.What is Onycha?

              4.Rose of Sharon->Cistus Creticus.
                i.Precious Oils ~ A Study of the Fragrances of the Bible~Flowers~Rose of Sharon חבצלת chabatstseleth
                 5.Holy Incense.
                 i.Modern Medical Uses of Some Plants of the Qu'ran and the Bible

      C) Cyprus Chypre - Chypre Perfume.
      1. History Chypre Perfume
      2. Ambergris
      The abbey region where is collected the laudanum in our days is ONLY in northern Crete.

      D)Northern Crete (the only point in that is possible the collection labdanum today).

      Ancient Crete (Minoan civilization)
      Two Aromatic Herbs of Ancient Crete

      Report of Crete.
      1. Pierre Belon 
      2. Joseph Pitton de Tournefort.