Crete is a botanical paradise!!!

Crete is a botanical paradise, the island boasts 2000 species of plants - 160 of which do not exist anywhere else in the World. Every year, botanists and gardeners flock to see one of Europe's best floral displays and to seek out choice endemic plants. After the winter rain, the wild, rocky landscape is flushed with green, fields and hillsides are bright with flowers, water flows in gorges and the air fills with birdsong.

Crete is also a very popular destination for walkers and it is easy to understand why with the breathtaking backdrop of sea and mountains, along with the mild climate, it is the perfect way to discover untouched Crete.

Crete is a botanical paradise. It is an island with immense biodiversity,hundreds of different native plants, a strong relief and a climate that favours the growing of herbs.
The flora of Crete is at its best in the Spring, after the rain showers of the early season. Crete really looks green, and hundreds of flowers, plants and herbs start to blossom. There are 130 species of wild flowers and herbs unique to Crete. Some of them give us our special aromatic & therapeutic Cretan Tea.

Crete is a botanical paradise. A large number of herbs grow on Crete, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
Dictamus or Erondas.

1.Dictamus or Erondas is a herb that grows only on Crete. It has been appreciated for it’s medical value since ancient times as it soothes stomach and intestinal ulcers, neuralgia, headaches and sore- throats
Malotira  or  “mountain tea”.

2.Malotira is also a herb which grows exclusively on Crete. In fact, it’s a kind of herb that belongs to the category of “mountain tea”. It can be found in every geographical region of Greece but it differs in flavour, taste and chemical formula. So the local tea on Crete is Malotira and is considered to have antibacterial value while it helps people suffering from breathing difficulties and problems with the urinary system.

3.Faskomilo is not among the herbs that grow only on Crete. Nevertheless, it is believed that the quality of the Cretan faskomilo is one of the best globally. It has a beneficial effect on sore throats, sore gums, headaches, migraine, diarrhea and hair loss. It can also be used as a spice with meat and fish as well as to add a unique flavour to olive oil.