Products 1. Labdanum resin 2.The first time Labdanum concret - labdanum absolute and 3. Solutions (labdanum from Cistus Creticus)

A. Labdanum resin is a natural product.
All products of Cistus creticus & labdanum

The First Time

B)Labdanum concrete – Labdanum absolute. Solvent extraction.
Labdanum from Cistus Creticus.
a.Method working: Solvent extraction.
Method steps : two.Product: Labdanum concrete – Labdanum absolute. 

The first step:
Α solvent such as hexane or supercritical carbon dioxide is used to extract the oils. Extracts from hexane and other hydrophobic solvent are called concretes, which is a mixture of essential oil, waxes, resins, and other lipophilic (oil soluble) plant material.

The second step:
Prep for all highly fragrant, concretes contain large quantities of non-fragrant waxes and resins. As such another solvent, often ethyl alcohol, which only dissolves the fragrant low-molecular weight compounds, is used to extract the fragrant oil from the concrete. The alcohol is removed by a second distillation, leaving behind the absolute.

b.Modern method : CO2 Extraction

CO2 extracted oils are high quality oils extracted using carbon dioxide in liquid form, as the solvent. When carbon dioxide is converted to liquid by using low temperatures and high pressure, it becomes a very safe and effective solvent that allows all the desireable active constituents of a plant to be collected without the risk of heat degradation. Once the extraction is complete, the carbon dioxide is allowed to go back to its natural gaseous state, leaving behind only the extracted essence of the plant. CO2 extracted oils are the closest representation of the natural plant ever achieved.

Two types of oils are obtained using this method of extraction:

CO2 Selects:
Selects are oils which are extracted at lower pressures and contain only the volatile, CO2 soluble components. The heavier waxes, resins, and color compounds are left behind. The viscosity of a select oil is generally thick but pourable. These oils closely resemble steam distilled oils in composition, however, they may contain more volatile components that are not extracted during steam distillation.

CO2 Totals:
Totals are oil that are extracted at higher pressures and contain both the volatile and non-volatile CO2 soluble components of a plant. These oils contain the essential oil of the plant plus the heavier waxes, resins, color compounds, making them very similar to the plant itself. CO2 totals are generally thick and pasty but are soluble in essential oils and vegetable oils (although some may need gentle warming).


DESCRIPTION : Labdanum is also known as the Rose of Sharon and is mentioned in the Bible in several locations. An essential oil of this plant is also produced. It is typically called Cistus essential oil. The most important for use in natural perfumery is Labdanum Absolute. Labdanum Absolute is refined from Labdanum Gum in a 2 step process. First a concrete is made using a solvent such as hexane or heptane. Next the Labdanam Absolute is extracted from the concrete. Labdanum Absolutes can vary dramatically depending on how they are extracted and by which solvents are used during the refinement process. The best Labdanum Absolutes are lighter in color, more pourable, more soluble in fixed oils, and blend with other essential oils

Labdanum concrete.
Labdanum concrete.

Labdanum Absolute

Labdanum Absolute.
In the same results we reach if we cut branchs.

C) Solutions
1. With pure alcohol. 2.with olive oil.

a.With pure alcohol. 
The laudanum is dissolved completely in alcohol.

b.with olive oil.
The laudanum is dissolved completely in olive oil.

Labdanum is dissolved more in water when we boil it.