1. Cistus parviflorus
Small-flowered cistus
A much-branched shrub or phryg-ano plant with characteristic sil- ver-green foliage, generally smaller and with a smaller distribution than C. creticus. The flowers do not exceed 3cm in diameter, and grow up to 6 together in umbels. The leaves are slightly downy, and billowy. Found in phrygana, thickets and pine forests.
Distributed 4070cm »
2. Cistus salvifolius.

Cistus creticus : pink  and Cistus salvifolius white flowers.
Together in same area(Sises Northen Crete).
Sage-leaved cistus
This is a hairy shrub. with leaves which in contrast to the other cistus shrubs are non-sticky but resemble those of the sage - hence its name. The flowers are white on long stalks with a diameter of up to 5cm; sometimes there are so many of them that they almost cover the plant. Found in phrygana and thickets.
3.C. monspeliensis is similar but has smaller flowers, up to 3cm, and its leaves are oblong and stalkless.
Distributed 30-90cm