Aromatherapy History. Aromatherapy is a healing art which roots lying in antiquity. It traces back more than 6000 years, since ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and probably Chinese used to burn scented flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for curative and cosmetic purposes.

AromatherapyEssential Oils. Essential Oils are volatile parts of aromatic plants extracted by steam distillation or expression. Essential Oils uses includes massage, bath, candles, inhales, room and body perfume, hair shampoo, facial and skin care etc. Essential Oils properties cover a wide range of natural healing, relaxing and uplifting attributes.

Base Oils and Hydrosols. Except Essential Oils, Base Oils and Hydrosols are natural substances which are also used in Aromatherapy. Base or Carrier Oils are vegetable oils that are used in massage, skin care and many recipes. Hydrosols or Floral Waters are byproducts of the productive procedure of essential oils and are used in combination with Essential and Carrier Oils in various Aromatherapy blends and recipes. Read carrier oils attributes and floral water attributes and get informed which one to use in order to enhance your treatment.

AromatherapyAromatherapy Recipes. Read how you can promote your body, skin and hair health, how to lift up your mood, how to relax, how to relieve pain and much more with Aromatherapy. This section is growing, so come back and check for new recipes from time to time.

Aromatherapy Benefits. Although some doctors doubt the efficiency of Aromatherapy, medical researches have scientifically proved that Aromatherapy may produce both psychological and physiological effects. Aromatherapy benefits includes stress and headache relief, sleep improvement, mood boosting, hormones’ regulation, muscles’ relaxation, immune system’s stimulation, blood circulation, skin diseases’ healing etc.

 Buying Guide and Aromatherapy Safety. Entering into an aromatherapy shop can make you feel like walking into an aromatic paradise. However, due to great variety of aromatic products, choosing the best aromatherapy is not as easy as you might think. These buying tips can help you save money and avoid confusion. Although essential oils can be used by everyone, some precautions must be observed carefully. Inexperienced individuals should consult a qualified aromatherapist before trying to make any blend. Keep in mind that pure essential oils are very potent substances and must always be diluted with base oil before being applied to skin.